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Why Forgive and Meditate? 

The long-term commitment of forgiveness requires the intention of mindfulness. Therefore one of the best ways to honor your forgiveness practice is to develop a meditation practice. Now, I could spend all day talking about the 100001 reasons that you should forgive and live mindfully but I am gonna let some experts speak for me on why forgiveness and mindfulness are a great idea for everyone. 

The Science and Benefits of Forgiveness from a Berkeley Magazine. 

Written Everett L. Worthington Jr. 2004 and Accessed 2019


An article from John Hopkins on Why Your Health Depends on Forgiveness 

Written and Accessed 2019


An In-Depth Look at Meditation From the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

Updated to public domain 2016 and Accessed 2019 

A Harvard Research Project Shows How Mindfulness May Change The Brain of Depressed Patients

Written by Alvin Powell 2018 and Accessed 2019 

A Forbes article that cites 6 proven benefits of meditation. 

Written by Jeena Cho 2016 and Accessed 2019

Sierra Johnson  last edited November 1, 2019 

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